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Email List Kickstarter Kit

When Your Audience Subscribes to Your Emails,

Be Ready For it!

 With 4 BILLION daily email users, there’s no denying that email marketing is critical for every business. In this quick 14-minute video tutorial– I’ll share with you the BEST email marketing campaigns every business owner should have– and how to strategically create them for your business. 

We love tools that simplify marketing– so we’re sharing one of our favorites!

Get started on your email marketing today!  With my free ‘done for your’ welcome series templates below you can put your email marketing into action now so you can start building a relationship with your audience– even while you’re asleep. Click below to grab yours for free now!

3-Months Worth of Email Creation Taken Off Your Hands for Only $42?!

With these “done for you” templates, just copy/paste, fill in the blanks & hit send!

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Here’s How They Work:

Step 1

Copy & Paste the Email Templates into Your Email Provider.

Step 2

Fill in the Blanks with Your Brand’s Voice & Personalization.

Step 3

Schedule Them to Be Automatically Sent Out!.

Let’s Get You Out of Content Creation Analysis Paralysis, and Start Moving Your Business Forward!

Emails shouldn’t stress you out– that’s why I created these no-brainer ‘done for you’ templates. With 3-months worth of planned out emails in your hands, you can stop being overwhelmed, and instead have a game-plan.

Use discount code INSIDER to receive $15 off the original price of $57. 

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