Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky
Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky

Hey, there!
I’m Blaire.

When entrepreneurship calls, you should answer! ☎️

I created my brand strategy group to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground with digital marketing services that increase sales. 

Prior to starting my agency, my career has been focused on operating entrepreneurial ventures, managing marketing and PR efforts across major contemporary fashion brands, and writing. I am  excited to share my experiences and knowledge to help you curate and build your business!

Blaire Brown, Entrepreneur Strategist

My Mission 

 “I specialize in building partnerships with brands and individuals seeking strategic marketing services. My goal is to provide creativity, approachable expert insight, and valuable content to business leaders and entrepreneurs alike to simplify the path to business growth, while keeping the team inspired.”

Businesses that Need a Marketing Expert

For the Business that needs a marketing expert

We offer digital marketing solutions to connect your brand to your ideal target audience.

What makes us unique is that we’re able to meet your brand where it’s at now and create a plan that will strategically move it forward. We help established businesses that need a fresh take on their marketing, as well as entrepreneurs that need guidance (because we’ve been there, too!)

Our Team Values



I strive to challenge and improve strategies in dynamic ways as the marketing landscape evolves.

Passion & Drive

Empowering business owners to build a success story of their own is what fills my heart with joy. With me, you’ll be working with someone that is just as passionate about getting your business rolling in the right direction as you are.


Promote Positivity

When we work together, you’ll feel inspired and excited for the marketing & branding initiatives ahead of us.

Attention to Detail & Thoughtfulness

It’s the little things that count! I am always thinking about special somethin,’ somethin’s to elevate a business’s A-game. It’s all about standing out from the crowd!

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us… 


Blaire takes on every project with unparalleled thought and energy. She is responsive to requests and driven to achieve our brand marketing goals and objectives.

Sarah Shuty

Sales Director, Bernardo 1946

Transformed into a beautiful brand

Blaire came into my business journey at such a pivotal time. I was feeling deeply discouraged about my lack of progress and was a bit lost in the weeds with my branding. In a matter of hours, she audited, assessed and reported back to me what the heart of my business is truly about and how it can be transformed into a beautiful brand. By following her advice on the aesthetic of my site and the consolidation of my brand assets, I now have a platform that is cohesive, attractive and has generated sales. I’m also very proud of the outcome. I was so pleased with Blaire’s consulting work that I acquired her services for Google marketing. I look forward to seeing what the future holds with such a capable marketing and branding expert on my hands..

Michelle Onuorah

Founder, Center for Prophetic Listening

Deliver on the vision for your business’s needs

Before meeting Blaire, my company didn’t have an online presence. To keep our brand at the top of our clients’ minds, I hired her to build my Facebook business page and maintain it with weekly post creation. She not only delivered a professional look,  but she also took my brand and created a voice that represents us in a professional way. You can trust Blaire will deliver on the vision for your business’s needs.

Brian Clark

Owner, Top Hat Home Improvements

Ability to think outside the box

Blaire has been a dream to work with. She’s gone above and beyond to help us in our marketing strategy. Her positive energy and ability to think outside the box has been extremely beneficial to us in our early stage growth. Blaire is both creative and strategic, and puts 100% into every project she works on.

Jovana Mullins

Co-Founder & CCO, Alivia

Visionary Advantages Brand Strategy Group

Our group was looking for a strategy that would help us attract the best new talent and also increase the acquisition of new properties for our brand portfolio. Visionary Advantages Brand Strategy Group not only gave our brand an updated look, but also created a website that we’re confident will attract the right business we’re looking for. I highly recommend Blaire and her team for any of your marketing initiatives.

Brian Norris

President & CEO, The Cherry Cove Group

Very clear and well structured!

Before signing up for Blaire’s Focused Branding online course, I knew I needed an organized message on my website that potential clients could easily understand and connect with. When I found the course, my website was already built, but there was something throwing off my customers.  It was frustrating because I didn’t know where to start! Blaire’s course outlined exactly what I needed to do and made it a much simpler process.

After taking the course, I am confident that my potential and current clients understand exactly what I do. As a result, I have a steady flow of clients and I am booked for at least one interview a week across different media platforms. I highly recommend signing up for the Focused Branding course! It is an investment worth making, and is very clear and well structured!

Monica Canducci

Author, Embodied Spirituality Teacher, & Transformational Life Coach


Blaire was amazing. I sent her my concerns and she delivered so many valuable ideas that I was able to apply to my business. 

Kai Petty

Founder & Creative Director , Fifth & Welshire

Efficient, strategic, and creative!

Blaire’s innate positive energy brings a sense of motivation and inspiration to all that surround her. She brings a depth of knowledge to the marketing industry that is efficient, strategic, and creative– a rare combination to come by!

Brinley Esposito

Senior Art Director, Contemporary Fashion, Caleres, Inc.

Strategic programs

Blaire’s work ethic is unparalleled. Her ability to think big, from development to the execution of strategic programs, was evident in every project she was involved in across the brand portfolio.

Jennifer O'Brien

Marketing Manager, Contemporary Fashion, Caleres, Inc.

She is your gal!

Starting a business is OVERWHELMING! Luckily, I had Blaire not only help me organize my business ideas but also prioritize what I needed to do to keep moving forward! She helped lay down an incredibly stable foundation to build upon and I still refer back to my notes and the lessons I learned from her. If you need a BURST of motivational energy– she is your gal!

Carrie Heffernan

Founder & CEO of Pixie Dust

Risk takers are my favorite kind of people.

Throw strategy in the mix and let’s go! You’re probably wondering why I am so passionate for helping businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing?

Entrepreneurs are both born and made. For those that take action and start businesses, its tough at the beginning. I’ve been there! I am passionate about helping business owners go after their goals and encourage them to follow that tugging heart feeling when you know you need to take the leap and explore a business venture that is your own! Having the entrepreneurial spirit is a unique asset to have as an individual, and we all need one in our corner. That’s where I come in!⚡️

Blaire Brown, Visionary Advantages Group