Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky
Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky

Your audience is stuck at the beginning stages of branding, and they don’t know where to start

That’s where I come in!

You’ll be the superhero providing a solution for them and earn commissions without having to become an expert in this particular area of marketing!


When you join the Focused Branding Affiliate program, you earn 20% commissions on this $297 offer.

(That’s $60 per referral!)

Yes, it’s really that simple!

Entrepreneurs Can Finally Figure Out How to Consistently Attract Their Ideal Clients Without Having to Throw Marketing Ideas Against the Wall to See What Sticks.

The Focused Branding course teaches new business owners how to set up their business’s branding in a way that makes their marketing process so much easier.

Click the play button below to see what’s inside the course.

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Students Learn the Consistent Client Connection Method
Inside the Course!

This 3-Step System breaks everything down for students so they don’t waste hours upon hours Googling for the right answers and being sent in 1,000 different directions that don’t get results. Instead, this system is mapped out in an easy way. Fully equipped with video tutorials, worksheets, checklists, guides,  transcripts, and more. There’s also an accountability email system for friendly check ins that nudge students along the way so that they complete the course and have a successful outcome.

Set the Foundation

Referrals don’t know where to start? Can’t find a way to connect with their audience? Students dive into the course and get their business’s messaging foundation set in place. The core values and heartbeat of their business is something that should be shared and attracts potential clients!

Organize Your Message

Inside, students learn how to create a system that is organized and easy to manage across marketing initiatives to get their audience to turn into paying customers.

Create Your Brand Story

Students learn how to structure their brand narrative with their unique goals and audience in mind. They walk away confident that their brand story is impactful, resonates with their audience, and will actually work across marketing channels and promotional initiatives.


What My Clients Are Saying…

Before signing up for Blaire’s Focused Branding online course, I knew I needed an organized message on my website that potential clients could easily understand and connect with. When I found the course, my website was already built, but there was something throwing off my customers. It was frustrating because I didn’t know where to start! Blaire’s course outlined exactly what I needed to do and made it a much simpler process. After taking the course, I am confident that my potential and current clients understand exactly what I do. As a result, I have a steady flow of clients and I am booked for at least one interview a week across different media platforms. I highly recommend signing up for the Focused Branding course! It is an investment worth making, and is very clear and well structured!

Monica Canducci
Author, Embodied Spirituality Teacher, & Transformational Life Coach

Blaire is not only an expert, but a professional and importantly an entrepreneur. She gets us, others that are on the road to building and growing businesses! Watch her webinar, take her course (like me!) and get on track with your branding. I cannot recommend her enough.

Daphne Reznik
Blogger & Entrepreneur

Blaire’s innate positive energy brings a sense of motivation and inspiration to all that surround her. She brings a depth of knowledge to the marketing industry that is efficient, strategic, and creative– a rare combination to come by!

Brinley Esposito
Senior Art Director at Caleres, Inc.


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