Hey, There!
I’m blaire.

I am a Brand Strategist that specializes in helping female entrepreneurs and small business owners get their businesses off the ground. My goal is to provide clients with top-notch elevated branding and marketing insight that is both forward thinking and customer-centric, with thoughtful custom strategies put into place to achieve my clients’ dream outcome. By having me as a consultant, business owners see an increase in brand awareness and perceived value among target audiences. Prior to starting my agency and building my Focused Branding online course, my career has been primarily based in the fashion industry, focused on marketing and public relations across major contemporary brands, and operating entrepreneurial ventures. I am so excited to share my experiences and knowledge to help you build your business!

Why build a course, you ask? I’ve lived through the ups and downs of running a business in various capacities, so I know exactly how you feel building it from scratch. Instead of having to go through years of looking for that “missing piece” to connect, I want to help you skip to the good stuff. Having an organized course to set you on the right path is much better than having to spend years searching for that success building element, trust me.

You can enroll in Focused Branding today to get started, and you can also book a consult call with me for a strategic 1:1 business session. 

My Mission 

 “I specialize in building partnerships with brands and individuals seeking strategic marketing services. My goal is to provide creativity, approachable expert insight, and valuable content to entrepreneurs and business leaders alike to simplify the path to business growth, while keeping the team inspired.”


Core Values



I strive to challenge and improve strategies in dynamic ways as the marketing landscape evolves.

Passion & Drive

Empowering business owners to build a success story of their own is what fills my heart with happiness. With me, you’ll be working with someone that is just as passionate about getting your business rolling in the right direction as you are.


Promote Positivity

When we work together, you’ll feel inspired and excited for the marketing & branding initiatives ahead of us.

Attention to Detail & Thoughtfulness

It’s the little things that count! I am always thinking about special somethin,’ somethin’s to elevate a business’s branding and marketing A-game.

Risk takers are my favorite kind of people.

Why do I help entrepreneurs?

Having the entrepreneurial spirit is a unique asset to have as an individual, and we all need one in our corner. Because I am also an entrepreneur, I get exactly what you’re going through right now. I am passionate about helping business owners go after their goals and encourage them to follow that tugging heart feeling when you know you need to take the leap and explore a business venture that is your own!