Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky
Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky


The Best Ways to Get Brand Visibility Using Social Media, Featuring Cate Cole

Looking for ways to make your brand stand out on social media?

Instead of freezing up in stress or blaming every social media platform’s algorithm for your lack of social media engagement, let’s take action and get your brand positioned for social success.

In today’s episode, social media expert Cate Cole walks us through the best ways to increase your brand’s visibility. Cate shares her intel on how to engage effectively, the do’s and don’ts as a brand on social media, and how to use your time effectively and wisely as you’re swiping through Instagram.

Let’s make social media simple and impactful for your business!

 Inside this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How to spot the social media trends across various platforms
  • How to engage with your audience effectively
  • The cringey “what not to do’s” when it comes to vanity metrics
  • The formula for engagement combined with Cate’s genius hashtag strategy
  • How to get past the overwhelm of social media & grow your business by using it in smart ways

Connect with Cate Cole:

Instagram  |   Pinterest  |  TikTokThe Curated Chic Facebook Group  |  Cate’s Website

Resources Mentioned in the episode:

Curate Your Success Insider Entrepreneur Community

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