Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky
Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:
Navigating the Franchise World as an Entrepreneur with Lisa Linkowsky


Meet Your Host, Blaire Brown, Featuring Brianne Hanson

Show Summary:

Ever wonder how and why entrepreneurs pursue their passions with such a fierce tenacity, that nothing can get in their way? Tune into this episode as business consultant and entrepreneurship enthusiast, Brianne Hanson, gets behind the wheel as the featured interviewer to give listeners insight into Blaire Brown’s road to entrepreneurship.

It doesn’t happen often when the tables are turned and your host is the one in the hot seat. Brianne Hanson masterfully interviews Blaire  Brown to pull back the curtains to where it all started. From starting her entrepreneurial journey at age 16 selling handbags, to running an Amazon FBA business while simultaneously working in corporate and bartending on the weekends at a college bar. It took a discontent time in corporate, tickets to a Spice Girl concert, and admission to a university in Paris for her to take the risk and go “all in” on her dream of being a full-time entrepreneur.

Intrigued? Dive into the episode now!

Inside this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Learn about your host Blaire’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • Find out how to refine your expertise and hone in on it to be uniquely you
  • Advice on how to build a business around your passion
  • 3 tips to curate your success

Connect with Brianne Hanson:

Instagram  |  Brianne’s Website   |   Becoming Entrepreneurs Podcast

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